Her vidrian eyes see everything that happens around her. She stands there still. No sound emits from her, as she listens for any possible trouble or pray that she may encounter out there. She may look indiferent to an espectator... but, she's as fast as she can be whenever the chance is given... And then you need to get worried, as she is poisonous...

Skin:  [HUSH]  Holiday Skin Shiver (group gift!!)
Shape:  :[GzB]: Body shop - Zoe shape (@ Soundsation Fashion Event)
Eyes:  [Gauze] Crystalis Eyes - Seraphinite
Piercing:  !NfiNiTy  -  Lip piercing "SPRING" (@ Pure Sales Room Event)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair (Black)
Tattoo:  (flaunt) Serpent Skin Tattoo
Outfit: *Vixen* Zahira Snake outfit (@ Soundsation Fashion Event
Boots:  Corvus - Black Combat boots 
Pose:  Label Motion - Renata (pose 5)


Feeling the breeze on her skin, she breathes in the fresh air of the water crushing against the cliffs. Never before she has felt so free as in that moment... 

Skin: [LoveMeSkins]  Karen Skin Pale (lipstick 06)
Shape: [LoveMeSkins]  Karen Shape
Eyes, Eyebrows & Blood:  Lovely Disarray - Vampiric Manifestation (unisex)
Eyepatch: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. {Lumen~ tenebra}
Hair:  ^;^CaTwa^;^ Maria Hairstyle (Black & whites)
Horns:  [GoreanRose]  Could out there - horns - red (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Tattoo:  ::Tabou Irresistible:: Emo Little Heart Tattoo (@ Suicide Dollz)
Dress:  NS Cutie Store - Classy Mini Dress 
Tail:  Aii -  Spaded Devil's Tail Black
Shoes:  SLINK - Glitter Peeptoes (Addon) Red
Pose:  F*cking Ninjas - Balance

You are my heart

My heart is precious... So I protect it with everything that I have... But... what I've just found is that YOU are MY heart... Thus... I will protect you at any cost ..

Skin:  +8DESIGNE+  Andrea Pale Skin (makeup 2)
Shape:  +8DESIGNE+  Andrea Shape
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+  ocean eyes 
(come with Andrea Pale Skin & Shape )
Eyeliner:  (RS) eyeliner nr3
Hair:  ^;^CaTwa^;^ Maria Hairstyle (black& whites)
Dress:  +8DESIGNE+   Mesh Fantasy Dress (hud with 6 different choices <3)
Feet: SLINK - AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Shoes: SLINK - Glitter Peeptoes (Addon) Red
Pose: F*cking Ninjas - It's my heart pose

Let it be winter

Winter... It's a magical season for her, where she can walk freely through the snow, dance in it and breath it in... The fresh air is always welcome to her and it's almost like time stops whenever she stops to look around the landscape...

Skin:  [LoveMeSkins] Vivian skin Pale (lipstick - 10) 
(it also comes with appliers <3)
Shape:  [LoveMeSkins]  Vivian shape
Eyes: .::WoW Skins::.  (from Tori Tan combo pack)
Eyeliner:  (RS) eye liner n3
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Elsa (regular pack 1)
Outfit: -=Sweet Lies Designs=- Cybele Blue Outfit (also available in brown & green <3)
Staff: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. {Jack Frost Staff} original mesh 
Pose: VESTIGE - Sophie (pose 2)
Background: KaTink - Imaginaria pack


She was ready to stand up and fight for the perfect harmony that has resided up until now.

Skin:  [LoveMeSkins] Vivian skin Fair (lipstick - 05) + Cleavage
(it also comes with appliers <3)
Shape:  [LoveMeSkins]  Vivian shape
Eyes: .::WoW Skins::.  (from Tori Tan combo pack)
Eyeliner:  (RS) eye liner n3
Lip piercing: !NfiNiTy   Lip piercing Razorblade (female)
Hair: ^;^CaTwa^;^  Maria HairStyle  (black/white)
Tattoo: GrungeInk -  Fly with me Tattoo (seamless) 
(you can find it @ The Thrift Shop!!)
Vest+top: NS Cutie Store   Ultra Vest Mesh (hud) 
(you got different combinations - vest- & colors - top-)
Shorts: NS Cutie Store   Jeans mini short (hud)  
Boots: Corvus  Corvus - Black Combat boots
Pose: Label Motion - So you're talking to me? (New Release:))

Bar Hostess

Don't lose your smile, even after everything that happened... She continues thinking like that otherwise she's going to be prey to the big fishes. 

Skin:  [LoveMeSkins] Vivian skin Fair (lipstick - 05) + Cleavage 
(it also comes with appliers <3)
Shape:  [LoveMeSkins]  Vivian shape
Eyes:  .::WoW Skins::. bluemarine eyes (from Tori Tan combo pack)
Eyeliner:  (RS) eye liner n3
Hair:  ^;^CaTwa^;^  Maria HairStyle  (black/white)
Outfit & Boots:  [FD]  Hostess - Blue
Pose:  VESTIGE - Sophie (pose 3)

Beware of who lurks at night...

She stumbles across the street... without energy. She tries to stop the hunger from taking a hold of her... but... it's not possible now... She can't deny what she is now... a monster. 

Skin:   [HUSH]  Holiday skin - Shiver (group gift!!)
Shape:  [BELISSIMA]  Bessie Shape
Eyes:  .::WoW Skins::. Bluemarine eyes from Tori Tan combo pack 
Eyeliner: (RS) eye liner n3
Eyepatch:  .::C.C. Kre-ations:.. {Lumen Tenebra} original mesh eyepatch 
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR -  Melita (black & whites)
Blood tattoo, arm bracelets & crown:  ::Tabou Irresistible::  Price of freedom set (special for Suicide Dollz <3)
Face Tattoo:  ::Tabou Irresistible::  Sewn Bad Azz 
(it comes with clean & bloody knucks) 
Outfit:  >>>Poison<<<  Clockwork suspenders outfit mesh (female) 
Boots:  :.Envious.:  boots from Lock it outfit
Poses:  VESTIGE - Lily (poses 5&9)
F*CKING NINJAS - Get up again (feminine pose)

Viking girl

She's at her village, walking around, waiting for the warriors to come back home. No matter what... she'll defend her home from whoever dares to attack it...

Skin:  [HUSH]  Holiday Skin - Shiver (group gift!!)
Shape:  [BELISSIMA]  Bessie Shape
Eyeliner:  (RS) eye liner nr3
Tattoo:  *Tentacio*  Tribal face  
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR - Melita (black & whites)
Outfit: -=Sweet Lies Designs=- Moira Outfit 
(it comes with boots, hood& shawl plus you have 3 colors to choose from <3)
Poses:  VESTIGE -  Lily (poses 3, 7 & 8)
Axe: *HA* battle axe (you can find it @ marketplace!!)

Dark hero

Standing proudly and menacing... he watches out for the target he has been given. 

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Jason DarkTan 6
Shape: .::WoW Skins::. Jason Shape
Eyes: -->Inkheart<-- Gillian Eyes (light blue)
Hair: *Dura* The 3th Year Anniversary hair (Black) (Group Gift)
Blazer & Tee:  .twenty13.  Blazer and Tee - Batman
Pants:  .:TBO:. Chino pants - black

At the resort

Let the sunshine light your hair,
Feel the breeze on your skin,
Smell the freshness of the water
And touch the soft earth with your feet...

Skin:  +8DESIGNE+ Shani make up 5 COCOA
Shape:  +8DESIGNE+  Shani shape
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+  black eyes  (comes with Shani skin & shape COCOA)
Hair:  ^;^CaTwa^;^  Maria Hair (blacks)
Dress:  ~Sassy!~ An Afternoon affair - lime  (60l today is last chance !!)
Shoes: .:TBO:. Diana peeptoes (dark colors)
Pose:  Label Motion - When you last expect it pose

Surreal world

Curiousity is what our main character feels at that moment. Where is she? She was sure she went to the phone booth, but suddenly she's here... Ruins and grass... dark blue sky ... and then... out of the blue a table appears... Our character lets out a sound of surprise and almost loses her balance. The table walks towards her and stops just before her. It nudges her legs as if the human was standing on its way! Our young woman nudges the table back, hearing soft laugher and as fast as she could she jumped onto it.

Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Manuela Milk 
Shape:  [BELISSIMA] Rosana Shape
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+  Andrea eyes (comes with Andrea Pale skin and shape)
Eyeshadow: .::WoW Skins::.  Smokey Eyeshadow 
(comes with Charlotte skin - moving gift)
Hair:  eXxEsS - VESNA Mesh Hair (black)
Dress:  Corvus - Navy Burlesque Dress
Boots:  Corvus - Black Combat Boots
Pose:  Label Motion - A new beginning
Table sculpture:   ChiMia -  Look At Mah Legs Table (@ The Surreal Complex)

Daily routine

A new day... same old activities.... Everything planned... no worries for her... but... that plan is going to crumble as soon as she sees him crossing the street... She doesn't know what she is in for....

Skin:  .::WoW Skins::.  Manuela Milk 
Shape:  .::WoW Skins::.  Manuela shape
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+  Andrea eyes (comes with Andrea Pale skin & shape)
Eyeshadow:  .::WoW Skins::.  Smokey Eyeshadow (comes with Charlotte skin - moving gift)
Lip piercing:  !NfiNiTy -  Lip piercing Love Birds (gift from Key To My Heart Hunt)
Hair:  .Ploom. -  Mile High Pony (pastels)
T-shirt:  NS Cute Store - Mesh Crazy Shirt (4 different cute designs. 1L gift you can't miss <3)
Pants:  NS Cute Store - OMG Crazy Loose Pants (6 smashing designs!!)
Sneakers:  NS Cute Store - Mesh Sneakers (from NS: 80's Party Outfit)
Poses:   VESTIGE - Lily (pose 8) and Sophie (pose 7 and 9)

Forest Elf

She walks alone through the forest to find something amiss... She takes a deep breath and sighs softly. Mother nature at its best... Pity there are some creatures that try to disturb its peace... She touches her staff and her face hardens at the thought... "I won't let them"

Skin:  ~Alchemy~ Elfin Skin V2 ~ Female (it comes with the cute ears :3)
Shape: [BELISSIMA] Rosana Shape
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+  Andrea eyes
Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Monique Mesh Hair (blonds pack)
Outfit: [FD]  Elf - green ( it consists of jacket+bodice+pants+boots)
Staff: E v o  - Shiro/Kuro Purification Staff (scripted + non-scripted) 
[can be found @ Final Fantasy Fair <3]

Light my world, babe!

*She lets out a puff of smoke and looks around her* Why have I come here again? Oh, right... To see him again. Last chance before moving on... *She sighs and looks up only to see him walking towards their meeting point. She tries to compose herself before she humiliates herself saying "Light my world. babe!!!" She shakes her head before going towards him with steady feet.

Skin:  .::WoW Skins::.  Cherry Tan 01 CL
Shape:  [BELISSIMA]  Olivia Shape
Eyes:  .::WoW Skins::. Sensitive eyes (blue)
Lipstick:  .::WoW Skins::. Candy make up (lips 3)
Hair:  Magika - Such [03]
Top:   NS Cute Store - Mesh Wings Top (hud)
Piercing:  !NfiNiTy - Belly Piercing Forever (black)
Bracelets:  .:TBO:.  Bead Bangle - black  (adorable gachaa <3)
Bag:   NS Cute Store - Devil bag (too cute to resist!!)
Shorts:   NS Cute Store - Jeans Mini Short (hud with several color options)
Boots:  -Dotties- High Sneaks Pony (too much cuteness *-*)
Poses: Label Motion - Cigar Poses (poses 4 & 6 )(New @ The Dressing Room!!) 
VESTIGE - Sophie (pose 1) 

Fall season

As the first light rises, it begins a new season. From light and warm colours to slightly darker ones... Everything speeds up... the light...the climate... the fall of leaves goes faster... Everything becomes dry, like the weather... even the warmth brought by love... What is love? 

Skin:  [HUSH]  Elva - Moon Blush 
Shape:  [BELISSIMA]  Shape Rosana
Eyes:  .twenty13.  Illusion Mesh Eyes 15 - Rainforest
Piercing:  !NfiNiTy  -  Lip piercing Love sucks (hunt gift from I hate you hunt- Starting point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/McCutcheon/197/158/1906 )
Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/  Monique Mesh Hair (blonds pack) 
Outfit:  -=Sweet Lies Designs=-  Baby Butterfly outfit (comes with comfy legwarmers, necklace & the cute bracelets *-*)
 [get ready to fly through forests with this cute outfit :3]
Feet:  *{SeVered GarDen}*  Bare Feet Flat - BadGirl
Poses: Label Motion -  I am coming to you pose & I'll make it clear pose 
Background: KaTink - April Showers Bring May Flowers 
(you can find it in marketplace and free!)
Mushroom sculpture:  ChiMia - Mushroom Mound 
(you can find this creative piece of art @ The Surreal Complex)

Waiting for her

He's still standing there. Waiting for her. That incredible woman who was always there for him. But..*he closes his eyes and closes his fist tightly* But that was in the past.... she left and won't come back... He still remembers the time spent with her and sighs softly. He looks up at the sky and whispers her name softly, while a lonely tear falls from his eye...

Skin:  +8DESIGNE+  Roberto beard 2 TAN   New release!!!
Shape: +8DESIGNE+ Roberto shape   New release!!!  
Eyes: +8DESIGNE+ black eyes (comes with Roberto skin and shape)
Hair:  *DURA* Dura boy 05 (black)
Jacket:  \m/LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/  Denim and leather jacket  February group gift
 (you still have a chance to get this wicked jacket :3)
Pants:  \m/LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/  Eraser Male Pants
Boots:  \m/LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/ Hotrod unisex boots 
(you have 8 models to choose from :D)

Dark side of the moon

What is this place? - She blinks and looks around thoroughly confused. She grasps her gun more firmly and explores the unknown place, watching out for surprise attacks ir ambushes. She doesn't stumble across the dark, as she comes from a place where there is not much light. Suddenly, she hears a sound and turns around fast and gasps aloud...

Skin:   [HUSH]  Elva - Moon Blush 
Shape: [SHOCK]  Megan shape (from Megan Winter skin - group gift!!)
Hair: [Taketomi]  Emiko_Bento (sampler pack) 
Crown:  .::C.C. Kre-ations::.  The ruler crown 
(you can find this cute crown @ The Thrift Shop
 & her own shop :3)
Outfit: [SAKIDE]  Cybtech Outfit [top & shorts] 
(find this sexy outfit @ Futurewave)
Boots: \m/LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/  HOTROD Unisex boots 
(8 awesome different models <3)
Torso and back tattoo:  GrungeInk -  Maiden Tattoo
(exclusive @ The Thrift Shop)
Back legs tattoo & piercing: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Bow piercing black (RARE)
 (Valentine's gacha!)
Tail: .::C.C. Kre-ations::.  Chain Tail 
(you can find this original tail @ The Thrift Shop & her own shop too^^)
Gun: ~silentsparrow~ & Schadenfreude - Raygun!
(option of sound -which is absolutely funny) [grab it @ Collabor88]
[geek.]  Jay's Geekboy -Classic- Pak
Poses: VESTIGE - Lily (poses 1,3,7 & 8)


At that moment, she felt at peace... no worries... no hurry... everything was perfect... 

Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Gisella Tan (February Group Gift!)
Shape:  [BELISSIMA]  Shape Rosana
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+ light blue eyes
Liptsick:  .::WoW Skins::. Candy make up lips 1
Hair: Magika - Road [03]
Outfit: .:TBO:. Katia - winter dress russian (black)
(pre-release @ Feeb Rascal's Sales Room)
Boots: .:TBO:. Olivia - leather ankle boots (solid colors)
Poses: Label Motion - Jess (pose 5) & There he goes (sitting pose)

Love is in the Air

Everything smells fresh and radiant (how can you even smell that? *she wonders*). Skating through town, she is in awe at the sunny day. It seems quite favorable towards all sweethearts around...Maybe it's the nice day, but she's happy and wishes a nice day to everyone she meets on the street.

    Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Gisella Tan (February Group Gift!)
Shape:  [BELISSIMA]  Shape Rosana
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+ light blue eyes
Lipstick:  .::WoW Skins::. Candy make up lips 1
Piercing:  !NfiNiTy  -  Lip Piercing I love you 
(Love is in the Air hunt gift!! Hurry up so you don't miss this smexy lip piercing :P)
Hair:  Magika -  Many [03]
Outfit:  NS Cute Store - Bunny Hoodie
  (you can choose 4 different colors with the hud)
Nails:  :.Envious.: - Nails from Olive you outfit
Ring:  !NfiNiTy  - Globe ring I love you (Valentine's group gift!!)
(really charming ring :D)
Skates:  NS Cute Store - Classic Skaters Mesh
   (you can combine them with different colors :3)
Pose:  Label Motion - Jess (pose 3)


Sometimes you just need time for yourself... To think and reflect... Past and Present.... When she starts wondering about her travels on space & time... she takes a few minutes to think about how she feels... At some point she feels elated and on top of the world, but others.... well.. let's say it feels like being pressured to make choices at one point or you get swallowed by the possibilities. She shrugs and takes a step forward. Who knows if she will have this oportunity ever again? 

Skin:   +8DESIGNE+  Calipso Pale Skin
Shape:  +8DESIGNE+  Calipso Shape
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+ light blue eyes 
 (these soft eyes come with Calipso Skin & Shape)
Lipstick: .::WoW Skins::.  Candy make up lips 2 
Hair:  Magika - Shade [03]
Cardigan&Tee:  .twenty13.  Cardigan and Tee Batman
Pants:  .twenty13.  Mesh Jeans - Grey Blue Nature 
Sneakers:  NS Cute Store - Mesh Sneakers from 80's Party outfit
Pose:  Label Motion -  Candice (pose 6)  New Release!! :D
Background: KaTink - Wastelands pack 1 (free @ marketplace)
Hands' sculpture:  ChiMia - handsy  
(you can find this creative piece of art @ The Surreal Complex)

Waiting for my Valentine

What is this feeling? Almost impossible to name... What I really know is that it is warm and gives a sense of peace that is not easy to find. She wishes it would stay every day...every year... It shouldn't be noticed only on one day. So, she will wait till she finds her true Valentine...

Skin:  +8DESIGNE+  Calipso Pale Skin
Shape:  +8DESIGNE+  Calipso Shape
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+ light blue eyes
 (these soft eyes come with Calipso Skin & Shape)
Lipstick:  .::WoW Skins::.  Candy make up lips 2 
(nice touch of red lipstick! For those who don’t like 
a stronger shade of red on their lips)
Piercing: |NfiNiTy - Lip piercing forever (black)
Hair:  Magika – Never [03] (these lovely tones are at 50 l only for some time!)
Dress:  *Asteria Creations*   Celebrete Mesh  Mini Dress  (red lace)
Boots:  - Dotties -  High Sneaks Valentine 
(totally cute group gift for this Valentine’s!!)
Wings, Bracelets, Nails and Fingertapes:   :.Envious.:  Olive you (Fast promo:  40 lindens!!! Hurry up if you want to get this cute but sexy outfit)
Pose:   Label Motion -  Gemma (pose 6)
Backgrounds:  KaTink –     Feb-A-bration Pack (cute valentine’s group gift :3)

Knowledge is power

And then... there he was. Reclining onto the bookshelf as if nothing was bothering him, but his aura screamed otherwise... 

Skin:   +8DESIGNE+ Julian beard 2 BRONZE
Shape:   +8DESIGNE+  Shape Julian
Eyes:  +8DESIGNE+  musk eyes
Hair:  *DURA*  The 3rd Year Anniversary hair (black) (group gift)
Jacket:  \m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/  Opium Male Jacket
Pants:  \m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/  Eraser Male Pants 4 
(you can get them in fatpack or separately! :D 
 8 awesome designs to choose!)
Boots:  \m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/  Black patched boots unisex
Pose:  <K&S> ~lonely guy~ (pose 3)

Walking to the sound of music

When you don't know where to go, just follow where the music take you. Let yourself go to the sounds of magic. No worries, no problems... It's only you, music and unknown destinations.

Skin:  .:*Duck or Swan*:. Tara - basic makeup
Shape:  .:*Duck or Swan*:. Tara 
Hair:  .:cheveux:. F014 LB Special Color (opening gift) 
 (simply amazing flexy hair :) )
Outfit:  NS Cute Store - 80's Party outfit (includes sneakers,
 arm & leg warmers, cute big glasses and pinky headphones) 
  Impossible not to get this kawaii outfit!!
Pose:  Label Motion - Rhea (pose 3)

Modern Little Red

Once upon a time.... wait.. scratch that!  It's Friday night and not a day to stay at home. So, Red goes out to enjoy the beginning of the weekend. First stop? Her favourite place. She waits for her ride to take her to point B. And it all begins there.... Beware of the wolves, Red!!

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Chantal Merry Christmas CL 
Shape:  [BELISSIMA]  Shape Amora
Lipstick:  .::WoW Skins::.  Candy make up set
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR - Jolene (light blondes)
Outfit:  .:Colors World Store:.  Hidden Top (red) and 
Hight Waist Jeans (it comes with lolas tango applier 
and phat azz applier too :D) 
Boots:  .:TBO:. Olivia - leather ankle boots (solid colors)
Poses:  Label Motion - Gayle (poses 5 & 6)

Feeling Purple : )

It feels like reality... every touch... every sound... Everything goes so fast, which makes her wonder what is happening. There are lots of things she wants to do, but there's no time enough. She takes her time and takes a seat in the empty train.

Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Chantal Merry Christmas
Shape:  [BELISSIMA]  Shape MEG
 Lipstick:  .::CENSORED::. Yumi skin/Porcelain Lipstick 5
Hair: *Milk* Hair -  Cosmos Clinic (pastels)
Top:  NS Cute Store - Mesh Wings Top (hud)
(7 cute designs and 4 colored wings :3)
Shorts:  NS Cute Store - Mesh Short Revolution (hud) 
Belt: .:Colors World Store:.  leather belt mesh 
(with 6 different colors <3)
Stocking:  -Dotties-  Stocking black 
(includes hud for SLINK feet :D)
 Sneakers:  NS Cute Store - Adventure Sneakers Mesh (hud) 
 (6 different colors and you can even mix match!!!) 
Pose:  Label Motion - Renata (pose 1)
Sleep Mask:  NS Cute Store - Kawaii Sleep Mask (hud) 
(6 funny and kawaii designs to choose!)

Ginger on the rocks

She walk in a cozy pub, looking around the place. Seems empty at the time, but she is sure it will get quite full as the clock strikes 11 pm. Closing her eyes, she almost can hear the soft tunes of a relaxing symphony or the steady rythm of rock music... 

Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Chantal Merry Christmas
Shape: .::WoW Skins::. Rayne shape 
Eyes:   --->InkHeart<--- Gillian Eyes - Light blue
Lipstick:  .:: CENSORED::. Yumi _skin/Porcelain Lipstick 5
Hair:  .ploom. Penny (indecisive)
Dress:   -Dotties-  Cocktail dress floral [you can find this sexy dress at Room69!
 Cute & cheap, don't miss it <3 ]
Boots:  .:TBO:.  Olivia - leather ankle boots Solid Colors
Pose:  Label Motion - Wiza (pose 2)

Hedgehog love

Skipping through time and places, she finds herself at peace, even if it is for a while. She will enjoy it while it lasts :) . She breathes the soft and fresh air that surrounds the peaceful place and sighs. 

Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Chantal Merry Christmas
Shape:  [BELISSIMA] Shape KATE
Eyes:  --->InkHeart<--- Gillian Eyes - Light blue
Lipstick:  .:: CENSORED::. Yumi _skin/Porcelain Lipstick 5
Hair:   .ploom. Mile High Ponytail (pastels)
Tank top:  .:Colors World Store:. Lenia Button Down Tank  (black)
Skirt:  -Dotties- School Skirt Plaid with hud 
(cute & perfect length skirt for a nice walk :D)
Boots:  -Dotties- High Sneaks Hedgehog (ain't them cute?? <3) 
Hand bag:   -Dotties- Bag Spring Love Green  (gacha!!)
Pose:  Label Motion - Rhea (pose 2)