Sunset Dreams

Just dreaming of those sunsets from long time ago...

Skin & Shape: .::WoW Skins::. - Poison Tan Skin  NEW!!!
Hair: .Olive. the Izzy II Hair
Outfit: FashionNatic - Susana Outfit NEW!!!
Nails: [SC]-Simply-Chaotix - Reds NEW!!!
Pose: VESTIGE - Female Model 8 (pose 38) 

Elemental Mage

She usually doesn't care about human affairs, but there are things that cannot be forgiven...

Skin:  Nana - Tarja Snow Skin [@ Bloody Horror Fair]  NEW!!!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Olinda
Outfit:  [Gauze] - Ardent Mage  NEW!!!
Staff: -=Sweet Lies Designs=-  Nature Staff  NEW!!!
Pose: KOY - Oaths [@ Mystic Realms FairNEW!!!
Background: KaTink - Imaginaria 1

Dark Temptations

Behind the old (cabaña), she found something really out of place...  Covered by leaves and bushes, there it was... a dark magic book... She bites her lip nervously and looks around her... She closes her eyes and breathes deeply... She's going to do it... She's going to get her revenge against those that damned her...

Skin & Shape: .::WoW Skins::. - Poison Tan Skin  NEW!!!
Hair: .DirtyStories. Doll Hair
Eyes: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Creepy eyes Purple - RARE [@Kawaii Vs Creepy Gacha FairNEW!!!
Eye and mouth signs: *+Sweet Fireflys+* Devils Bride - Special Gacha NEW!!!
Bracelet: <3Heartistic~  black leather Bow Bracelet~  NEW!!!
Nails: {POSH PIXELS} Spooky French NEW!!!
Dress: [Infliction] Cory Dress - Black [@ XY RoomNEW!!!
Tattoo: SwaggedOut - Lovely Bones Tat [Group Gift] NEW!!!
Heels: :.Envious.: Vega Heels  NEW!!!
Pose:  [Black Tulip]  The Magic Book  NEW!!!

Trick or Treat Kawaii Style

Nothing like an earlier start on Trick or Treat! :p

Skin & Shape: .::WoW Skins::. - Poison Tan Skin  NEW!!!
Hair:  .ploom. Hare  NEW!!!
Outfit: :.Envious.: - So Adorbs [includes back pack and heels <3]  NEW!!!
Pose: VESTIGE - Female Model 3 (pose 13) [@ Fi*FridayNEW!!!

Subway Dream

She found herself dreaming about a weid subway station in the middle of nowhere... Where has it taken her? 

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BodyModification Skin Expo V1 [@ Body Modification Expo] NEW!!!
Hair: eXxEsS - Lea  NEW!!!
Dress: .:AVALE:. Gabrielle Sparkle v2 [@ Vintage & Cool FairNEW!!!
Sandals: Eudora 3D - Asteria Sandals [for Flat Slink Feet] NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Jess (pose 3)

Gamer Girl

Who dares to go versus Underground Gamer Girl?

Skin:  Nana - Tarja Grey Skin  NEW!!!
Hair: Nana - Reira Black Hair  NEW!!!
Face Tattoo: {Cotton Candy Monster} Halloween Makeup - Spider Web Gothic  NEW!!!
Top: <3Heartistic~  - Fight Like a Gamer Girl Split Back  Cure-Con  NEW!!!
Nails: [SC]-Simply-Chaotix - Autumn  NEW!!!
Leggings: [NV] Nini Leggins-Black-  NEW!!!
Belt: <3Heartistic~ - Pop Topz 90's Retro Starter Belt  NEW!!!
Heels: 9ty-On Heels Dark Colours Slink High FeeT
Poses: Sup Poses - Catwalk (poses 3 & 10)

Webbing Autumn

Webbing Autumn... you may never know what you may find :) 

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BodyModification Skin Expo V1 [@ Body Modification Expo] NEW!!!
Hair: eXxEsS - Lea  NEW!!!
Outfit: RD Style - Trixie II [@ OMG Room] NEW!!!
Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Batty Or Not It's Fall!
Pose: Label Motion - Draya (pose 4)

Pretty in Gold & Pink

She loves trying new things, even if they're almost impossible to achieve :)

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BodyModification Skin Expo V1 [@ Body Modification Expo] NEW!!!
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Koyo hair
Dress: .:Vitrimi:. Chained Dress Pink Gradient  NEW!!!
Heels: Latreia - Testify Yellow  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Julia (pose 1)

Bloody Ghost Girl

She's haunted by a dark past... And now it's her turn to haunt the ones who wronged her...

Skin: Nana - Tarja Snow Skin [@ Bloody Horror FairNEW!!!
Hair:  *Soonsiki~ Day Dreams
Hair piece: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Spike headband black bloody [@ Bloody Horror FairNEW!!!
Eye piece: ::Tabou Irresistible::  Eye piece - Vintage  - Black [@ Vintage & Cool FairNEW!!!
Face tattoo: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Dirty eyes Tattoo [@ Bloody Horror Fair] NEW!!!
Dress: Delirium Style - Intence Dress NEW!!!
Armwarmers: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Armwarmers [@ Bloody Horror FairNEW!!!
Heels: !NfiNiTy -  PeepShoes ~ Black Holes  NEW!!!
Pose:  Label Motion - Chloe (pose 4)
Ghosts: ::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Lil ghost ~ Myr & Aydan [gacha @ RKM Halloween] NEW!!!


She's just a lucky survivor of this town...

Skin: -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Nina Ivory Skins  NEW!!!
Hair: .ploom. Flip Side [Mystic Realms Fair] NEW!!!
Tears: !NfiNiTy - Face tattoo "you make my eyes bleed" GG  NEW!!!
Necklace: !NfiNiTy - Halloween Necklace purple [Gacha] NEW!!!
Dress:  *{FoReVeR}* Vest&Dress - Skull  NEW!!!
Tattoo: *PerveTTe* My Dear Fairy
Heels: :DEADPOOL: Monster Mash - Skelleton  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Kaelyn (pose 2)


She just walks around the town, wondering where are the people.... 

Skin: -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Nina Ivory Skins
Hair: [RA] Dandy Hair
Outfit: DE Designs - Krysten - Red  NEW!!!
Heels: :DEADPOOL: Monster Mash - Vampire Bat  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Kaelyn (pose 1)

Destination unknown

She just moves forward without a destination in mind... 

Skin:  -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Nina Peach Skins  NEW!!!
Hair:  [taketomi]_Kakoa_Black01 
Jacket: FashionNatic - Abigail Female Jacket   NEW!!!
Skirt:  F.A.D. - Raye Layered Lace Skirt 
Tattoo:  *PerveTTe* My Dear Fairy
Ring:  [geek.] My Favorite Shade Ring Pak Onyx  NEW!!!
Bag: [geek.] Don't shoot bag - classic  NEW!!!
Pumps:  DE Designs - Karen Pumps  NEW!!!
Pose: .::Kirin Poses::. - Asuka 

Punkd Pumpkin

She closes her eyes for a moment, trying to get some rest before she starts running once again... After everything that happened, this is what it comes to...

Skin:  -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Nina Ivory Skins  NEW!!!
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Koyo Hair
Outfit: :.Envious.: Punked NEW!!!
Tattoo: .::ReeA Tattoo::. Tied to you  NEW!!!
Sneakers: Razor/// Gift- Dethburn Kicks
Pose: Label Motion - Julia (pose 5)

Sexy Pumpkin

In the middle of nowhere, she stands fearless of the upcoming disaster...

Skin:  -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Nina Ivory Skins  NEW!!!
Hair: MOON{Hair} Square One
Outfit: :.Envious.: Sexy Halloween NEW!!!
Tattoo: .::ReeA Tattoo::. Tied to you  NEW!!!
Pose: VESTIGE - Halloween Hunt-Vestige Female Poses (pose 1) [@ Fi*FridayNEW!!!

Getting Ready for Halloween

She can't wait till the 31st October arrives... She's eager to go Trick or Treating her way :3

Skin:  -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Nina Ivory Skins  NEW!!!
Hair: MOON{Hair} Square One
Outfit: :.Envious.: Dark Dame  NEW!!!
Tattoo: *PerveTTe* My Dear Fairy
Pose: VESTIGE - Halloween Hunt-Vestige Female Poses (pose 3) [@ Fi*FridayNEW!!!

October's Sunshine

Nothing like enjoying a nice day in October...

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Marita NEW!!!
Hair: *Soonsiki~Day Dreams
Body: SLINK - Physique Mesh Body
Hands: SLINK - AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant 1
Feet: SLINK - AvEnhance Feet Female High 
Outfit: [bubble] Pumpkin Undies Set- VIP GG  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - A new beginning

Pink Missy

Another day having fun around the city...

Skin: -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Nina Ivory Skin NEW!!!
Hair: .ploom. Sugar [Mystic Realms FairNEW!!!
Outfit: [Infliction] Ares Outfit - Pink  NEW!!!
Heels: Eudora 3D - Candy Heels [for Slink High Feet] [@ Candy Fair]  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - I am coming to you

Dark Pastels

The ties that bind opposites are incredible - they can either repel or pull... just like magnets...

Right Outfit:

Skin: -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Nina Ivory Skin NEW!!!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Neria
Outfit: :.Envious.: Smash NEW!!!

Left Outfit:

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BodyModification Skin Expo V2 [@ Body Modification Expo] NEW!!!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Thalia
Outfit: :.Envious.: Hime  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Lisa (pose 4)

Nurse Styles

Beware on this night... you never know who you may find... 

 Skin: -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Roughed Up Female Skin -peach-  NEW!!!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Neria 
Outfits: {Cotton Candy Monster} -  Nurse Costume  (Bad & Sweet Nurse) 
Poses: =Fashiowl Poses=  Trick or Treat (3 & 4)  [@ The Gacha ManiaNEW!!!

Sexy and Lovely

Playing a bit with Photoshop... She works hard and constantly lears something new <3

First Outfit:

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BodyModification Skin Expo V2 [@ Body Modification ExpoNEW!!!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Thalia
Outfit: :.Envious.: Super Sexy  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Lena (pose 4)

Second Outfit:

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BodyModification Skin Expo V2 [@ Body Modification Expo] NEW!!!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Thalia
Outfit: :.Envious.: Don't Worry Love  NEW!!!
Heels: :.Envious.: Lola Heels - Spooky  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Lena (pose 4)

Her Everything

She doesn't look for her everything... it will find her when it's time... 

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - BodyModification Skin Expo V2 [@ BodyMoficiation] NEW!!!
Hair: ^;^CaTwa^;^ - Daizy
Outfit: :.Envious.: My Everything  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Lisa (pose 6)


Enjoying a nice day outdoors...

Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  Alena Milk Skin  NEW!!!
Hair: little bones. Nightingale
Tattoo: .::ReeA Tattoo::. Conceptual -unisex- [last day to get it for 50L. Tomorrow it will be available at normal price] NEW!!!
Outfit: TUH Bunker - Barracuda Outfit  NEW!!!
Hands: SLINK - Hands Female - Elegant 1
Feet: SLINK - Feet Female High
Boots: -FAUN- Femme Biker Boots -Black-
Pose: Label Motion - Lena (pose 6)

Welcome to Pumpkin Town

Pumpkin Town welcomes you all to enjoy a thrilling time :)  

Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  Alena Milk Skin  NEW!!!
Hair: little bones. Nightingale
Body: SLINK - Physique Mesh Body
Hands: SLINK - Hands Female - Elegant 1
Feet: SLINK - Feet Female High
Outfit: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...  Hunting Souls (Black) [includes horns, wings and shoes]  NEW!!!
Pose: VESTIGE - Female Model 4 (pose 17)  [@ Instruments -event sale]  NEW!!!

Miss Autumn

Enjoying the first autumn breeze... She can't wait to start making sweet potatoes <3

Skin: -=>>Genesis Creations<<=- Bijou Ivory Skin   NEW!!!
Hair: Magika - Cardigan  
Necklace: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Bloody Horror Necklace [Group Gift] NEW!!!
Dress: .twenty13. Raegan Dress - Black II  NEW!!!
Shoes: REIGN.- Lilly Flats- Black 
Pose: Label Motion - Autumn (pose 1)  NEW!!!

Dear Rachel

Dear Rachel, 

here I send you one of my favourite pics I had taken during my last trip. You really should have come <3


Skin: Nana - Gina Skin B  NEW!!! 
Hair: ^;^CaTwa^;^ - Daizy
Outfit: RD Style - Outfit Raquel  NEW!!! 
Pose: Label Motion - Lisa (pose 6)

At the library

Her sacred place.. she never tires herself of being surrounded by the smell of old books and ink... 

Skin: Nana - Gina Skin B  NEW!!! 
Hair: ^;^CaTwa^;^ - Daizy
Sweater: [MotiAme]  Sailor Sweater (Red) 
Skirt: [MotiAme]  Flared Skirt (Black) 
Heels: .:Ducknipple:. Vulva Heels  NEW!!!
Pose: VESTIGE -  Female Model 3 (pose 23) [@ Cosmopolitan Sales Room]  NEW!!!

The Awakening

Almost there... time is essential when it's almost on us...

Skin:  Nana - Gina Skin B  NEW!!!
Hair:  ~Tableau Vivant~ Reopening gift - Oct. 2014
Hat: {POSH PIXELS} Glamour Goth Top Hat - Rare [@ The Spooktacular Halloween Gatcha Event]  NEW!!!
Dress:  even.flow - Adrift Dress 'black'
Pose:  Label Motion - Mireia (pose 6)

Late Afternoon

She worked until late. Now she must hurry to go back home and just lazy around...

Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  Aisha Tan Skin NEW!!!
Hair: .Atomic. {Hair} Sugar Coated
Dress: ::Zup::  Mesh Grunge Dress  *Feminine Black*  NEW!!!
Purse: -DRD- bowpurse with HUD
Heels: [geek.] Dots on Meh Feet (Black)  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Sanya (pose 5)

At the point of breaking down

She stands alone, far away from everyone... She has to keep breathing steadly otherwise she's going to really break down at any moment...

Skin:  Nana - Gina Skin B  NEW!!!
Hair: +Spellbound+ Forgotten
Top: .:Vitrimi:.  Cropped Longsleeve Brown Diamonds  NEW!!!
Pants: Dot-be - Spiked Pants  NEW!!!
Heels: [Infliction] Legion Heels - Black  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Lucia (pose 1)

Doing some exercise

She is doing some exercise so she won't feel too bad when she eats chocolate cake later :p

Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  Aisha Tan Skin NEW!!!
Hair: MOON{hair}. Polly Droll
Top: Nana -  Ari 69 top (Black) [@ Young SpiritNEW!!!
Pants: Unborn Soul - Cargo Pants  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Rene (pose 5)


Erin waits for her old friend to arrive... They may not see each other a lot, but they know that they'll be there when the other needs them...

Skin and Shape: .:Panda Punx:.  Body Shop Neri Skin
Hair:  [RA] Dandy Hair
Vest:  DE Designs - Erin - Vest (Red) NEW!!!
Pants:  DE Designs - Erin - Pants (Black) NEW!!!
Heels:  {D.o.R.K} Zoey Black (Black/Red) NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Nayra (pose 6)


It's going to take so long... But it's worth it... Hopefully, she'll be able to live peacefully from now on...

Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  Aisha Tan Skin NEW!!!
Hair: [RA] Dandy Hair 
Dress: *+Sweet Fireflys+* Diamond Doll  Fall edition (Fantasy) [@ The Black Dot Project]  NEW!!!
Heels: Latreia - Becca Solids  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Sandra (pose 5)


Come and join me at Madworld... You can't resist for too long ;)

Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  Allison Tan Skin NEW!!!
Hair: [taketomi] Kakoa Black 01 
Top: B BOS - Bea Top (Jeans Black)
Skirt: [NV] Stela Skirt (Jeans Black)  NEW!!!
Heels: m/LAVAROCK CREATIONSm/ Shackle High Slink Shoes  NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Zoe (pose 6)

Mellow Kitten

She's like a mellow kitten, unlike when it was class time...

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Morane v5 [gacha]  NEW!!!
Hair: ^;^CaTwa^;^ - Daizy
Dress: ::Zup:: Mesh Dress Cat  NEW!!!
Boots: .tsg. Madame Boots - White
Pose: Label Motion - Chloe (pose 4)