Kitty meets Cotton Candy!

 A soft "pop" sounds around a clearing in the middle of nowhere. After some grumbling, something starts taking form. It gets a bit taller as it stands up. It looks human, if it weren't for the cute ears and tail it has. It turns around and a pinky female is seen. She sniffes around and her tail and ears twitch a bit. Something smells delicious around here ~~ *She thinks* Curiosity fills her as she looks, touches and sniffes some weird fluffy stuff that appears to be edible. She looks around and quietly she takes a bit of it. *Nyaaaa ~~  yummy* She starts walking around, while eating the nice pink treat. 

Skin:[SHOCK] Margot Skin PINKY 
Shape: .:Panda Punx:.. Evangeline Shape 
Lipstick: Pink Acid - Cotton Candy Hunt Lips (includes lashes & appliers) [prize for The Cotton Candy Hunt ]
Bridle: ...:::Scrub:::... PINK Bridle 
Hair: [geek] JEM Pink Fusion Hair Gift 
Bodysuit: Unborn Soul- Kitty BodySuit (white)
Armwarmers:  :::insanya:::  Hunter Armwarmers 
Cotton Candy: TOMGA - Cotton Candy (gift!!)
Stockings:  .::PrincessD::. . - Mix Stockings (black)
Shoes: Reign. - Buckled Pumps 
Poses: VESTIGE - Evie (pose 1) [@ Fi*Friday]
       Glitterburps ~ For love and justice 1

[ATTENTION: Almost everything posted here is from Pink Fusion Hunt!! Starts at Starting Point of PFH . Take a look here: ]


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