To whoever listens to the weeping cries of the wind...
This is my first actual proof that I walked through these strange wicked lands of the universe called Second Life. Even though I am somehow old, I decided to start an adventure... To share places and parts of them with whoever wishes to hear and see...

My story begins when my boring rutine changed radically one day. I was looking around a shop searching for something, though not quite sure of what... when it happened! One minute I was looking at some T-shirts, the next I'm somewhere else. Blink. Nerves increasing. Breath out. I decided to look for my cell when I remembered I left it at home recharging... *Slaps her forehead* "What am I going to do now?" I thought while I took a seat on a nearby chair.

Shape: [BELISSIMA] - shape - MISTY 
Skin: .::WoW::. Skins - Mary milk nat CL
Eyes: .::WoW::. Skins - Bluemarine Eyes
Makeup: .::CENSORED::. Yumi_skin/Porcelain Lipstick 5 
Tattoo: Corvus - Beauty of Chaos Tattoo
Hair: [elikatira] Falling - Blonde 07
Top: -SU!- Fight like a girl TankTop
Shorts: :Zombie Suicide: Cut off jean shorts 
Sneakers: NS:: Mesh Sneakers Variety
Backpack: ~*SculptyliciouZ*~ All Stars Backpack


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