Waiting for her

He's still standing there. Waiting for her. That incredible woman who was always there for him. But..*he closes his eyes and closes his fist tightly* But that was in the past.... she left and won't come back... He still remembers the time spent with her and sighs softly. He looks up at the sky and whispers her name softly, while a lonely tear falls from his eye...

Skin:  +8DESIGNE+  Roberto beard 2 TAN   New release!!!
Shape: +8DESIGNE+ Roberto shape   New release!!!  
Eyes: +8DESIGNE+ black eyes (comes with Roberto skin and shape)
Hair:  *DURA* Dura boy 05 (black)
Jacket:  \m/LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/  Denim and leather jacket  February group gift
 (you still have a chance to get this wicked jacket :3)
Pants:  \m/LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/  Eraser Male Pants
Boots:  \m/LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/ Hotrod unisex boots 
(you have 8 models to choose from :D)


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